A bit of heart break.

The steady hum of my computer is syncing with the weird hum I have in my head. My laptop is crashing and I'm scrambling to put anything and everything of importance online before I lose all access to it forever. The time is 6:01 am. I am tired. I am upset. I don't know what to do.

My laptop is infected with a Trojan called win32/reign.o. I cannot open any file folders. I can't access most programs. Even getting into my recycle bin has become an insurmountable task. Nearly every time I run something the laptop freezes and I spend roughly 10-15 minutes getting it out of the frozen state, then dealing with unresponsive programs. 4 years of pictures are stored on this laptop and I've been so stupid not to back up my files. 4 years of papers written for college. 4 years of random journal entries. I really want to go to bed but knowing that as time passes my laptop only gets less and less accessible forces me to stay awake. I finally found a way to get my pictures online without me actually opening any file folders, and I'm hoping my online account has enough room for me to store all the pics that I want to. For now you will all have access to loads of great pictures. Check it out in my Picasa account! And know that normally I wouldn't give away so much of my life, but I'm not sure how else to do it.

I have important docs that I need to save somehow but I don't want to email them to myself because the trojan I have may be logging my keystrokes. I don't want to log into any important websites from my laptop until I'm sure I have rid myself of this crap.


  1. Bring your laptop with you and while we're getting your tooth worked on, Will will work on it. He's going to bring some antivirus stuff and see if he can't work his magic. I'm excited to see you (hopefully) tonight!

  2. Sorry I couldn't get the trojan removed and that we didn't have more storage to just copy over all your data for a backup.

    On the bright side it looks like you can use the command (DOS) prompt without limitation to copy files over to usb drives. Let me know if you need help doing this.


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