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Super Sunday.

This letter to an old friend sums up some of my feelings tonight. Mark was a friend from high school, a member of the social group I usually associated with. He did a term with NCCC last year at the Charleston campus and he was my first real introduction to the program. I remember reading his few & far between updates and seeing the photos and wishing I could know more about his life.

Dear Mark,

We have not had a real conversation since the winter of 2004. The memories I have of you are distant and mostly forgotten. I honestly don't know you any more.

BUT, I am feeling more connected to you than I ever did. It doesn't make much sense but you are the one person in my "previous life" that might have any clue what I am feeling right now. CTI is good. The Ameri-Bubble I'm living in is weird and I'm cut off from the outside world by choice. I see now how it is that you didn't keep up on myspace while you were gone-- there's so much more to be done. It…


Despite my semi-horrendous weekend, I am in high spirits today! Ok, Ok, my weekend really wasn't that bad. I went on a nice long walk to Walgreen's with my roommate Mara on Saturday. We purchased discounted valentine's day crap AND a Mario Brothers DVD. On Sunday night my cousin Sara and her husband Will picked me up and took great care of me through Monday night, taking me out to Baltimore, giving me some love, and helping me get my (most painful) root canal taken care of.

The highlight, however, was definitely today. My team (minus two doing driver training) went out on a service project in Baltimore with an organization called CivicWorks.

Civic Works is a non-profit in Baltimore focused on Community development. They have many different projects that all sound fun to be part of, such as the community lot team that goes into abandoned lots and turns them into parks and community gardens, youth tutoring and mentoring, energy conservation, and workforce development.

(Photo ta…

A bit of heart break.

The steady hum of my computer is syncing with the weird hum I have in my head. My laptop is crashing and I'm scrambling to put anything and everything of importance online before I lose all access to it forever. The time is 6:01 am. I am tired. I am upset. I don't know what to do.

My laptop is infected with a Trojan called win32/reign.o. I cannot open any file folders. I can't access most programs. Even getting into my recycle bin has become an insurmountable task. Nearly every time I run something the laptop freezes and I spend roughly 10-15 minutes getting it out of the frozen state, then dealing with unresponsive programs. 4 years of pictures are stored on this laptop and I've been so stupid not to back up my files. 4 years of papers written for college. 4 years of random journal entries. I really want to go to bed but knowing that as time passes my laptop only gets less and less accessible forces me to stay awake. I finally found a way to get my pictures online with…

Re: Tagged + Update

My cousin Becca tagged me, and I'm really excited to be a bit mindless and answer questions. I'm really missing home tonight and after reading all the families' blogs I'm both happy and sad. Thanks everyone for the updates on your lives, the pictures, the stories, the fun; this is almost like having a conversation.

Where were you born? Logan, UTMiddle name: LynHow old will you be this year? 22/23Nicknames: MandyAre you taller than your mother or father? Negative. I break even with mama.Do you cry often during movies? Um, honestly? I don't watch many movies. Or TV. In fact, I must be seriously compelled to spend my time sitting in front of a box. I did watch the entire seasons of the TV shows Weeds and Big Love and felt it was quality entertainment. The number of explanations I've given about Utah and Mormons is stunning-- people really think polygamy is the norm there!
Yes, I cry easily.
What is your biggest pet peeve? Spelling, hands down. I go faint when I find …

I chose the padded chair just now.

Sitting here in the computer lab on a metal fold-out chair left my rear a bit cold-- but someone abandoned the padded office chair and SNAG! I WIN!

Today was an amazing day. The big events:
Number one that tops all, I am going to Biloxi, Mississippi for my first round spike project! My heart is racing as I read more information about our project and type out this announcement to you, my friends and family. My team was hoping to get a gulf project for the first round (each project is called a spike, only a way for us to designate what's going on), not only to go South and help ASAP, but also to bail on this crazy winter weather and possibly avoid some of the extreme summer heat and humidity down there. Our hopes are validated!We will be doing most of our work with Hands On Gulf Coast, participating in rebuilding projects in the area. When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit shore 2.5 years ago, Biloxi was one of the cities hardest hit. They are a coastal town (yes, we'll be living ne…

Tooth Ache

Dear Friends and Family,

I had no idea that such pain could be felt in one's mouth. I'm not sure if it's an abscessed tooth or just a serious cavity aggravated by the sinus infection I'm still fighting, but either way, ouch! The pain has come and gone for two days now and I really need to figure out a way to work a dentist visit into my schedule. It's interrupting normal activities liking sitting and sleeping. Being without transportation really complicates things, as does daily training in Delaware. Oh, yeah. We go to University of Delaware every day to use their conference center-- there's nothing closer with the capacity for our crowd.

Enough crying. Exciting news. Can I get a drum roll please?! ......

I'm finding out where my first project is! A lot of teams already know tonight, but my team leader will announce it to us tomorrow! I'm so frekkin' excited. The closest feelings I've had to this is something akin to Christmas Eve butterflies and …


Here it is! A new blog post finally!

I love it here. I'm afraid I'm going to be saying this to myself every day for the next 10 months and that it will be painful to leave, but I really really love it here.

In last week's blog I said that "In the houses we are allotted $5.00 per day for food," and Emma and I were the first to get to take our houses big bucks and spend it all very quickly. For grocery excursions we are only allowed to have 2 housemates go and we have a limited amount of time-- and money of course. We totaled $175 that first week so we went into the store, were told we had 30 minutes, and began our frenzied shopping. Beginning at one side of the store we loaded up on veggies and fruits, then got bread, cereal, chips, milk, etc-- but halfway through we lost our running total! And just then they announced we only had 5 more minutes! We panicked and completely rushed after that, grabbing what else was on the list and realizing that we were probably a go…