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Here we are. The beginning of our adventure did not quite begin… yet. We came to SLC to check in at the bus station and were informed our 10:30 pm bus would not board passengers due to congestion from the storms and bad weather northwest of us. The short-tempered woman instructed us to come back at 11 am to try and catch a bus then. Our hearts sank a bit when our plans were delayed and we discussed alternatives such as riding with a trucker, taking a plane, etc.

“The manager is allowing us to board after all… the bus is late, arriving around 11:45 pm, but we don’t care! We are going!”

  • A man tucked himself in a corner, shoved his hand down the ass-crack of his pants, gave it a good scratch, and then sniffed his fingers. He made sour face afterward and wiped his hand on the leg of his pants.

Riding the greyhound has been interesting, with many different passengers I feel I am the minority here and I like it this way. We conversed with a young woman that had been stranded in Utah for 5 days because of the snow storms and ensuing confusion. We observed two young ladies that munched on healthy snacks across the aisle from us. And I listened a young man bitch endlessly about losing a dime.

  • Nutrena Feeds, western ranch & food supply is the first business I see when we stop in Vacaville. I wonder if they have a large bovine population.
We have arrived in San Fran & are happy to finally be here. The trip wasn't so bad if you exclude constantly interrupted sleep, stinky people, and a urinary tract infection. I would definitely take greyhound-- getting over numb-butt was not a problem.

I was thinking today what it would be like to truly be homeless. When I lived in the canyon for a bit I called myself homeless, when realistically I was anything but. Welcoming homes are plentiful in my life! I imagine being homeless is a very lonely lifestyle... I really enjoy being with people that care for my well-being..

1/10/08--going out to explore soon.

Last night I dreamed my pet cat died and we (the family) took it to a memorial place for pets and I Watched two men completely hash the cat. They handed me a couple kitty fillets and told me that by eating the remains I would become closer to my dead beloved. It was gruesome. There were chunks of gray fur on the meat, and bones too. I suppose it wasn't a fillet at all but I mangled mess of feline. The men were laughing.

While knitting this morning I was listening to the song "Sundrenched World" by Joshua Radin and thought the title of the song seemed a sitting title for the world I live in. ..."while I'm tryin' to bask in your sundrenched world..."

Many references have been made to my appreciation for life, the joy I find in the mundane, the sunshine that fills my soul, and at the risk of sounding facetious and egotistical, I want to recognize that it's all true. Its' one of my best qualities, and one of my worst. I am able to (and do) find the positive in nearly every situation. It's a bit of a fantasy world I live in... I do try and see the world for what it is, but I struggle to accept life and negative situations as-is. My never-ending happy spins alter the bad into good and warp my reality. I'm not sure that I care to change.

I love my life. So does everyone else. And some of those every ones try to latch on like sticky leeches and bleed the sunshine out of me and into themselves.


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