We are life changing individuals.

Britney: "To a successful day tomorrow for our chosen volunteer assignment and restful sleep."
Amanda: "To our friendship and the many beers to follow."

Clank. "Cheers!"

We walked around and around and around today. The same impressions have been sticking as the last time I came to this city, like the houses/apartments. Old buildings have an effect on me that's a bit indescribable. I guess it's almost like seeing an old friend or family member, at least the familiarity aspect of it all-- they have a worn and chipped exterior but are loaded with character. Walking through the city actually feels a bit home-ier than walking around Logan because of the crowded surroundings. One is never alone in silence here. Honks, screeches, shouts and clanks are commonplace.

May tomorrow be filled with fun sites and enjoyable service.

Oh, service. I plan on completing some amount of volunteer work in each city we visit.


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