One more day to go.

I'm tired of counting down, but I won't stop, not until I'm in SLC on my way out of Utah.

Despite being a bit sad about leaving behind my friends and family while I go out and explore life away from home, I feel very loved. These past few days were filled with teary farewells and tight hugs. Special thanks to my family members that contributed to the trip, especially my mom & dad and aunties K & R. I received the book 3 Cups of Tea, and am looking forward to reading it. I felt inspired to start reading it tonight, but instead have been cleaning, organizing, packing, etc. It's 5:19 am and I'd really like to get some sleep at some point, but I'm going to run up to campus and over to the club very quickly, and then I'll come home and catch a few hours of shuteye before I head out to run errands at 10.

I will add some more info and pics soon.


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