Missing Mardi Gras

I have three pages of writing that I just can't get myself to post. The paragraphs are disjoint.

So, instead, I am starting new! Hello family and friends! I have crossed the Mississippi and am sitting squarely in New Orleans, Louisiana after 40 hours of traveling by train from Tucson. "40 hours?!" you might exclaim of my most recent travels, but the ride was very, very enjoyable. Once again I had terrific conversations with strangers, some near my age, some a decade older, some my grandmother's age. Remember Jonathan the musician from my last blog entry? He met us in San Antonio for our 40 minute layover, and we ran to the Alamo to check it out. Literally, ran, in order to get back in time to catch our train. Fun!

Tucson was very relaxing. The weather was near 60 degrees F the entire time I was there and we had so many blue skies and colorful sunsets. Brit's family took us to the desert museum. Pictures tell more than words when it come to sights seen, so here you go:

The cactus forests were a surprise to me-- I had no idea the saguaros could grow as tall as they do, and in such numbers. Upon first glance the rows and rows of tall cacti look almost like hundreds of branch less trees.

My toad friend from the museum.

I'm learning how to use my camera more in depth, after having it in my possession for over a year now. The detail surprised me.

This photo is one of my favorites. I love rays of sunlight.

Be sure to check out the other pictures I have in my albums by clicking on any of the pictures or by using the link on the right-hand side of my page.

I wasn't sure exactly what I would spend my time doing while we're here; for some reason we scheduled ourselves 5 days in the Big Easy. Today we acquainted ourselves with our host and his roommates, they are very nice, and had dinner at a restaurant on the corner, and tomorrow morning bright & early (leaving home by 6:45) we will spend our day helping building a children's playground with the organization KaBOOM. After wrapping up (scheduled to be there until 3) I will come home, get cleaned up, and prepare to head out for the festivities. Festivities?! FESTIVITIES! Woot!

We have arrived in New Orleans just in time for the beginning of the festivities for Carnival, otherwise known as Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday, the culmination of celebration, is not until Feb 5, but there are activities leading up to the big event, including this weekends Krewe de Vieux. The parade starts tomorrow night at 7 pm, and the masses are encouraged to come out cloaked in costume and excitement. Krewe de Vieux is, according to our hosts, the best parade of Mardi Gras. It may not give an accurate portrayal of the actual Mardi Gras celebrations, but the political satire, man & animal powered floats, and live bands only give way to a rowdy good time. The theme this year is "The Magical Misery Tour."

I'm looking forward to our adventures. :) More to come soon!

PS. Shout out to Z, and the good laugh he gave to me. "I need my blog fix! I NEED MY DIGITAL DOPE!" ** Here ya go.


  1. Thank you! I feel much better now!

  2. Your adventure sounds wonderful. I love reading your thoughts and seeing your pictures. I love you!


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