The Miracle of Birth

We started our morning in New Orleans with an exploration of birth. First, we viewed a fascinating video of kangaroo birth.

Next, we watched a clip of a "rhino birth," really just a clip from the movie Ace Ventura.

There are 4 people sitting in this room-- 4 semi-adults, two men, two women all in their early twenties, and I was baffled to learn that NONE but myself had ever watched a video of the live birth of a human. I thought watching such was a requirement of high school classes! I swear, I've seen footage of birth at least 4 or 5 times and felt it was very informative. And I would love to actually be witness to a birth. How can women of child-producing age, and wanting of children, not know what the process entails? When my Aunt C was pregnant with her last child I remember the oldest daughters, down to my cousin L, being invited to watch the birth of their youngest brother. I was seriously jealous that I didn't have those sort of options in my family.

I remember thinking in 6th through 9th grades that perhaps I would like to become a neonatal nurse or midwife, specifically helping somehow with the birthing process. Recently I've thought about nursing again, and after the conversations I shared with Brit's cousin about Public Health, I think I should take some time to consider my future career.

Babies! I want to have a baby. Someday.


An edit to this post, 20 minutes after the fact. It hit me that perhaps midwifery could be my calling in life. I'm going to begin my research.


An edit to this post, 60 minutes after the fact. I'm having good feelings about this. Purpose with a capital P. This makes so much sense... I wonder why I hadn't seriously considered it before.


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