I'm leaving on Tuesday... 4 days & 18.5 hours.

Tonight was my last night of work at the club and I'm gonna miss that place and it's employees terribly. Dancing with my friends and coworkers has a serious uplifting effect on spirit. Sigh. As I walked through the dark building, checking doors and picking up, I began to cry a bit. I don't think I've ever loved a job so much as I do as this one. Lisa's one of my favorite women... I really hope the club is still here when I return.

Saying goodbye to my father will be hard tomorrow. He's leaving on the truck for the next week so it will be the last bit of time we spend together until I return to Utah in about 11 months.

All these farewells have me a bit shaken up. Why is it so easy to cry? I'm not leaving forever. A year really isn't that long... and I'm heading out into an exciting life I'm building for myself. Snap out of it!


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