I'm sitting on the living room floor on a dirty rug next to wet, and even dirtier, shoes. I am eating whole wheat pasta drenched with pre-made sauce from a can, spiced with red pepper and feta, and thinking wow, this will be my last breakfast in Logan for a while. I've never really been one for traditional breakfast foods. Sun is streaming through the big window and my heart is jumping with joy.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving... I'm leaving!!

Sadness was my emotion for a few days but that has passed and now excitement has taken over my spirit. A serious journey awaits me and Britney-- and beyond our 3 week journey of who-knows-what, an even more serious journey filled with 10 months of volunteer work in who-knows-where, doing who-knows-what will follow. The only expectations of this next year that I have are positive; I will be happy, have fun, and celebrate life.

Do you remember the story of the heat vent in the bathroom, and my affinity toward laying next to it? Last night I fell asleep on the bathroom floor, using a big yellow beach towel as a blanket. I don't think it was the most comfortable way to spend my last night in a familiar place... but moving to the couch around 5 am helped a bit. :)

Farewell Friends. Thank you for the fun. Thank you for late nights, calm afternoons, and listening ears and open hearts. Our goofy and rambunctious activities have made unforgettable memories.

Farewell Family. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for good meals and lots of laughter. The piano music this Sunday, complete with a waltz in the living room, enhanced our usual Sunday activities.

Farewell Logan. Thank you for the chocolate stout last night. Thank you for snowy roads in the winter, and less traffic during the summer. Your mountains have kept me wrapped tight and I'll miss you. See you next holiday season!


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