Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

Please review the preceding levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

This summary of the theory of self actualization made clear to me the beauty of the life I live, and reminded me that while my happiness seems inherent to my being, it may be because I'm simply more able to have that joy because my needs are being met.

I've asked myself (even in previous blog entries) how it is I can help others-- what impact can I truly have if my love and compassion are not producing any results? Perhaps it's a matter of combining love and compassion with action to get results... if I want happiness for others, it's only logical that their basic needs must be met first.

Hopeful that AmeriCorps*NCCC will help me see this theory through, and experience firsthand unmet needs, I look forward to leaving in January. My own moral growth has great potential in this upcoming endeavor. I'm beginning to believe that giving myself to the needs of others is the calling of my life... and we'll let the next year of service be the confirmation or denial.


  1. Amanda Lyn,

    You are one special woman. Your heart is in the right place and your brains are totally working.

    I hope the AmeriCorps is what you need it to be.

    I ran across your blog in a graphics search for "maslow, heirarchy"

    Check out a web maze I put together about 5 years back. It's about awareness of needs and the sacred principles of America or how they are related.

    Christopher A. Brown


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