Letter to a friend.

Dear B,

Surfing the internet is a great way to pass time when one is not tired because of a 4 hour nap, and I have taken on the role of internet surfer wannabe couch surfer.

Throughout my travels of cyberspace I've read some interesting blogs, some crap, and some really, really great shit.

If it were feasible, if it were realistic, if it were not selfish and a bit ridiculous, I would suggest that together we run away and spend our lives making. Making, doing, being. Growing our vegetables, putting squash in the cellar to keep us full in the winter months. Knitting dish rags and dancing in the wind. Holding hands and laughing and singing songs and cooking meals for friends.

I'm reading a good blog. No, I'm reading an inspiring blog. A man (+ his small family) in NYC is trying to reduce his impact by living off the grid in an apartment downtown, purchasing local foods, baking, sewing, reducing, reusing, recycling. Stumbling upon such a website with great information seems so ironic-- only yesterday did I post a blog about my disgust for myself and my society, and the moral crunch I'm in because I don't have the answers I need so badly. Somehow, reading his story makes me want to cry and laugh and dance-- other people are in the same moral dilemma, and other people are searching for the answers that I am! And while this is one person's story, and it's not so surprising, it is one person's story that can help me. The internet makes my world so much smaller.

I just read a portion of his blog about eating local vs. organic and thought of you.


Arriving home tomorrow will feel so good. I love you. Let's cook dinner together!


  1. Hey mandolin, thanks for stopping by the blog.

    If you are interested in food issues, you might like this NY Times by Michael Pollan:


    "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants" - great advice!


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