In preparation

I will be leaving in January... 81 days until my position with AmeriCorps officially begins. Approximately 60 days until I leave Utah with all the personally owned belongings I will carry for the next year stuffed into one bag.

60 days. That's two months. 8 weeks. It's beginning to sink in... and freak me out.

I need to sell my car. Buy a backpack. Battery charger for my camera. Defer my student loans. Take care of cell phone crap. Pay off debt. Accumulate monetary savings. Spend time with family and friends. Work. Organize. Buy my train tickets. Find accommodations.

Belongings I will carry for the next year:

They provide (upon arrival):

2 khaki cargo slacks
2 khaki cargo shorts
2 gray long-sleeve shirts
3 gray short-sleeve shirts
1 gray sweatshirt
1 white polo shirt
1 black pair cargo slacks
1 gray long-sleeve rugby shirt
1 black adjustable belt
1 black vest
1 winter coat
1 work boots

Items I need to pack:

Personal Toiletries
Soft laundry hamper & detergent
Bedding (sheets, blankets, pillow -- may be shipped)
Cell Phone
Alarm Clock
Workout clothing (physical training 3x weekly, minimum)
Athletic Shoes
White, gray or black undershirt to wear with uniform on cold days
Jacket/coat, hat, scarf, gloves
Sweaters & Thermal Underwear
Shorts & T-shirts
Casual Attire
Socks: Athletic, Wool (for work boots), Casual, Dress

I will be living out of one piece of luggage for a year. What personal items do I choose to bring?
3 pairs leggings
2 skirts
Undershirts sewn by mom*
1 pair shorts

I'm going to bed now. I'll revisit this tomorrow.

Facial piercings are not allowed while on the job...


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