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Toilet Talk

An interesting experience was had this morning.

I walk into the women's restroom on campus, and every stall except one smack dab in the middle was in use. I glance around and dart into the open door-- urine is heavy in my bladder, a result of too much coffee.

But something strange is going on... silence. Absolute silence. No sounds of urine, shit, zippers, or even breathing are present, as if I'm in the room alone. I'm not alone; I'm sharing the restroom with approximately 8 other women! Why are there no noises?

Pssssssssssss. I break the silence with my urine and the splash of waterfalls follow. I hear a bowel movement in the background, someone rolling toilet paper out of the dispenser, and the two toilets opposite me flush in unison. Zip, clank, scrub scrub scrub. It was as if MY stream of urine was the conductor's cue to the chorus of bathroom noise.

Audial pleasure.

Thoughts of Childhood

The only posters I've had on my walls are the following, and were all up at the same time (right around 5th or 6th grade):

Poster of happy gray kitten
Poster of band TLC
Posters of Jesus and mormon love.

How very strange.

Did anyone else get into the Macarena? hahaha. We had an assembly and I showcased my macarena moves, teaching other little elementary school children how to grope themselves and get away with it.

I used to collect cow bones. I thought they were really cool... I wonder if I could go back to that field and find my stash. It's been over 10 years; they might be buried by dust blown in the wind.

And I liked to ride my bike. I guess I haven't changed much.

Ah, the joys of childhood.

Bicycle bicycle bicycle. I love my bicycle. Someday I WILL ride from coast to coast of the US. I just can't say when, because I don't know when my financial position will be right... but someday. You just wait and see.

Grocery Biking?


Written by Hank Green Thursday, 06 September 2007

Fan-frikkin-tastic... I'm not entirely familiar with the intricacies of this design, but while not exactly practical, it does say a lot without, y'know...words. In fact, lets make a list of what it says to me:
I want to ride my bike in the grocery store. Why don't they let us ride our bikes in the grocery store!If the cart could detach from the front wheel, and re-attach without trouble, grocery runs on your bike would become excitingly simple.
The wobbly wheel effect becomes much more of a problem. Let's get this thing some rubber tires.How the frak does he turn!!!
That's all.

Via Reuben Miller