The beauty in solitude

Riding my bike down a solitary road, to a solitary corner, where my new temporary, solitary home resides, a quiet and hidden sidwalk caught my eye. "Private Sidewalk, Use At Own Risk." It reached out to me; it's twiggy branches beckoning me like an old friend motioning to come near. "Visit me. Rejoice in all I have to offer: solitude, solidarity, and peace." Stumbling in silence, I visit you. I creep through your webs, rustle through the bushes, and run my hand down your cold, rough sides. "Amanda, welcome." The smell of moist, rotting organic matter fills my nasal passages and I am comforted; the sweet mold is a sign of decay, regrowth, and beautiful life- my own life mimics its pattern.

I am told the history of this welcoming path: community members need a walkway to important places, and like my own path, it leads them to their sweet, sweet salvation.

The path grabs me by the shoulders and says, " You are youthful! You are strong! You are bold! You have taken what you want, and announced what is yours. You know yourself and your connections to your land, and you are appreciative. You are inspiring."

How can you know that I prefer walking and cycling over the hum of cars? How can you give your leaves, branches, soil, and water as offerings of love? How can you recognize the appreciation of strangers, and how can you take my hand and guide me, when all you are is an earthly friend?

"So many people fear the unkown, but you, a young and adventuresome 21 year old is out exploring the dark night. Are you spiritual?"

"I am not religious, however I feel connections with people, places, and things."

"You ARE connected. You have 'the eye'."

And so we shared the enveloping darkness- silently speaking of our virtues and values. You taught me that which I already knew, but was not keenly aware of. Were our paths meant to cross? Did you know I would come to you with my bewildered eyes and open heart? You filled me with awe tonight, and I love you. I will visit you again, my dear path.


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