So, I currently have a pet ferret. I was thrown into the position of ferretparenthood, yet I thought it would be fun...

So far, Mr. Ferret has found his way onto the tables supporting my house plants and dug up all the soil and broke the roots (leaving quite a mess, and sad remnants of plants that are likely to die), refuses to use the litter box (but pees and poops right next to it), and consitently knocks over his water bowl, sogging his food and bedding. What a silly pet!

Now, you should all know that ferrets are quite cuddly pets- they sleep up to 16 hours a day, and with enough play time they shouldn't be too rambunctious. Furo loves his mini stuffed toy tied to a string, and he also likes to dance with me. Perhaps I will put up a video demonstrating his mad skillz. He likes to get in my bed and furrow under the blankets, however he usually prefers the floor unless he's feeling a bit lonely. Yesterday when I arrived home from work, he promptly followed me around like a puppy until I picked him up and let him fall asleep in my arms. He's rather sweet.... even if he is mischevious.

I just wish he hadn't ruined my house plants- I've kept them alive for nearly a year, and I was quite proud of myself. Perhaps they will live...

P.S. He likes to lick my ankles and feet when I get out of the shower- it's rather awkward to try and not step on a slinky weasel when I'm wet. And it tickles! hehe. He chases me... and I laugh.


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