About my ferret...

Well, I told y'all that I was thrown in to ferretparenthood- but I didn't tell you how.

Monday evening last week, my mother and youngest brother, Whit (8yrs) came to Logan to help me with some yard work and planting flowers. While my mom and I were turning the soil with our shovels, Whit said "Mandy, there's a weasel right here." I laughed- there are no weasels in down town Logan! "Mandy, I know it. I've seen them in movies." So, much to my surprise, when I turned to look there was a ferret coming toward me. I quickly debated whether I should pick him up, but before I had really decided he was crawling into my hands.

He's very sweet... and because of that I was sure some ferret owner would be sad knowing they lost their pet. Being the good citizen I am, I placed a found ad in the newspaper in case the owner was watching. Unforunately, it wasn't the owner that was watching, but animal control. I received a call yesterday informing me that it is illegal to harbor stray pets, and I could either drive Furo down to the shelter, or Animal Control would be at my house to pick him up. I opted for the first choice, and took my sweet time with him. We went on a nice walk up Old Main hill, and by the time we reached the top he was exhausted!

And so, I reached the shelter and went through the process. Yes, he would like a toy. Yes, he would like a blanket. Yes, he would like that box thing to climb in and out of. Yes, he's kind. No, he will not use a litter box. Yes, he will eat cat food.

The animal control officer told me that if after 4 days the owner has not claimed him, I can call the city and adopt him. I must pay the city an adoption fee and the cost of the rabies shot he will be given. Sigh. I found him, and I've taken good care of him, and they're just going to lock him up in a cage without anyone to play with - and make me pay for his loneliness! I understand that I can't just take a pet and call it mine, and that's why I placed the ad in the paper... but in the mean time I think I should be able to continue caring for him.


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