Ride to Avon

I spent this Sunday on a bike instead of at home with my family eating dinner. I had an itch to expel some energy, and took off for spin around town. A spin quickly turned into something much more, and before I knew it I was in Avon thinking about my need for water!

The ride was long and hot, but enjoyable. I have little speakers on my bike that absolutely rock my world, and on the entire way out I listened to classical piano and pedaled to a steady cadence. The traffic on Sundays is minimal here in Cache Valley; I felt safe on the shoulder and cars gave me plenty of space to enjoy my time out and about.

I was considering pedaling to Porcupine, however mid-way into Avon I realized that my water bottle was nearly empty, and I needed water fast with the kind of heat I was riding in, so I chose to turn around and I filled up at the public park in Paradise. The views to and from my unkown destination were very familiar and comforting- barns, cows, sprinklers, alfalfa hay. The smells, sounds, sights all remind me so much of home and farm life. I have such a romantic view of that lifestyle, despite knowing better.

The ride was home pretty decent as well, but by the time I arrived at my house I was exhausted. I did the entire ride in a little over 3 hours (4-7ish), and that includes my rest stops. With my calculations I think it was probably around 30 miles, and given that I don't actually have a road bike, but a commuter bike, I feel pretty good about the time I made-- but next time I'll be sure to take 2 bottles, and extra calories. I was absolutely drained upon arrival, but after eating a solid dinner I felt much better. Wonderful!


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