Is Marriage the Cure?

New treatment for depression -- marriage

Researchers at Ohio State University claim that depressed people have more to gain from marriage than those who were happy to begin with, even thought the depressed people typically still have unhappier marriages. Is that really such a surprise? And does this qualify as exciting news?

Let's break it down... two happy people wed, and what happens? They stay happy! Surprise! Two depressed people wed, and what happens? They get happier because they have a supportive spouse. Surprise! Depressed people are still depressed, and if they rely on someone else for their happiness the outcome will probably result in an unhappy marriage... again, no surprise. What do I suggest? A swift kick in the rear... get your act together, cheer up, then fall in love. Sure, maybe you won't travel as far on the happiness scale as you would if you were depressed, but which you would prefer- a temporary rush of endorphins, or a long and successful marriage? Maybe I'm being unduly harsh -- it's true that I sometimes feel people wallow too long in self pity and don't take the initiative to improve their lives, but damnit, stop blaming everything but yourself for your dissatisfaction! Yes, you suck. Now, go get your meds, and go for a hike... a little physical activity never hurts, and then go on a date. Learn to be happy with your life.

Okay, okay, I'm being a big sarcastic. Depression is a serious problem, with serious consequences, and one with depression should get the appropriate help (whether that is counseling, medication, life changes, etc). I just don't think marriage is the answer.


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