After two weeks of consistent lack of sleep (average 3 -4 hours per night), I'm proud to say that I slept a solid 7.5 hours last night, and my dreams came back in full force. I woke up a couple times throughout the night, and so I was able to remember a few different dreams, or parts of different dream sequences.

A bit of background info... last night I was at Ms. B's new apartment, helping her unload some stuff, and when I finally left to ride my bike home I was more than ready for sleep. I came home, and crashed on my bed fully dressed (a sure sign of my exhaustion is if I fall to sleep with clothing on). I woke up when my roommate Ms. J had just arrived home from the bar, I set my alarm, and went back to sleep.
  1. I dreamed that when I woke up this morning I was in Ms. B's bed, and we were both very, very confused how that happened. My mind was foggy in my dream, I couldn't think clearly, and we searched for evidence of my arrival.
    We went into the living room, and sure enough, I had brought my bike in, and then I remembered putting down the kickstand the night before. In the end, we couldn't figure out how I got there safely if I was "sleep riding" and we just assumed it was a miracle. I proceeded to make breakfast for her, fruit with chocolate. mmmm.
  2. I dreamed that I was at a concert or some assembly of people, and there were people being dunked (like at carnivals) and they grabbed me and put me in the water and threw some things at me. All of a sudden, I was sitting in a chair in a crowd of people, watching zombie-like people wander toward the stage. I was with K, a friend since birth, when I realized that we were all hypnotized. Unfortunately, this hypnosis clearly resembled being in a drugged state, and I couldn't help myself as I was called forward out of the crowd, and instructed to take off all my clothes while I walked through aisles and aisles of men. I felt like I was being raped. I could not stop the situation I was in, because I was under the hypnosis/drugs.
  3. I dreamed that my friend Mr. A came back to Logan, and we had amazing..."times" together. And then I realized during the movie we were watching that we had a baby, and while playing with her she stole all of my money to make cookies, which tasted absolutely disgusting. Then, suddenly, my mom was there in the kitchen with me, laughing about how funny kids are. Weird.

I'm so happy to have unusual dreams again! I feel like I'm finally back to a state of normality.

*I'm a bit disturbed that in the past week or two I've had 3 dreams about being sexually violated. The above stated dream, in addition to ...
dream 1- I was being raped by an unknown man, but did not fight back. I simply layed there, crying, thinking "so this is what it's like to be raped."
dream 2- Mrs. S was nude, so was I, and for some reason I did not try to physically stop her. She had her way with me, while I cried and begged her to stop. She threatened that if I did not allow her to continue, she would ruin my life, said she would kill me, she threatened to tell the world that I raped her, and she laughed at me. I was ashamed and disgusted when I woke up.

Luckily, these are only dreams. I usually blow them off and can function normally within a few hours of waking.


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