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Religion according to Stove & Amanda

Amanda says:..:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />my phone has this death problemAmanda says:every day it diesAmanda says:by late afternoonstove says:hmmm.stove says:suicide?stove says:or homicide?Amanda says:and then when I arrive home at night I perferm a special ritual where I stick something up it's bum, and it is resurrectedAmanda says:Assisted suicide, really.Amanda says:Please don't out me!stove says:haha, something up it's bumstove says:i won't out youstove says:just because it's so kinkyAmanda says:Ha!stove says:this is the sort of shit you let go because it only gets worseAmanda says:hahahaAmanda says:oh m anstove says:for usrestove says:uhmstove says:sureAmanda says:uhm sure?Amanda says: :Sstove says:no nostove says:the uhm was aimed at the "usre"stove says:as in "uhm, I mean sure"stove says:fuckAmanda says:hahastove says:no saving myselfAmanda says:you are forgivenstove says:


So, I currently have a pet ferret. I was thrown into the position of ferretparenthood, yet I thought it would be fun...

So far, Mr. Ferret has found his way onto the tables supporting my house plants and dug up all the soil and broke the roots (leaving quite a mess, and sad remnants of plants that are likely to die), refuses to use the litter box (but pees and poops right next to it), and consitently knocks over his water bowl, sogging his food and bedding. What a silly pet!

Now, you should all know that ferrets are quite cuddly pets- they sleep up to 16 hours a day, and with enough play time they shouldn't be too rambunctious. Furo loves his mini stuffed toy tied to a string, and he also likes to dance with me. Perhaps I will put up a video demonstrating his mad skillz. He likes to get in my bed and furrow under the blankets, however he usually prefers the floor unless he's feeling a bit lonely. Yesterday when I arrived home from work, he promptly followed me around like a pupp…

Ride to Avon

I spent this Sunday on a bike instead of at home with my family eating dinner. I had an itch to expel some energy, and took off for spin around town. A spin quickly turned into something much more, and before I knew it I was in Avon thinking about my need for water!

The ride was long and hot, but enjoyable. I have little speakers on my bike that absolutely rock my world, and on the entire way out I listened to classical piano and pedaled to a steady cadence. The traffic on Sundays is minimal here in Cache Valley; I felt safe on the shoulder and cars gave me plenty of space to enjoy my time out and about.

I was considering pedaling to Porcupine, however mid-way into Avon I realized that my water bottle was nearly empty, and I needed water fast with the kind of heat I was riding in, so I chose to turn around and I filled up at the public park in Paradise. The views to and from my unkown destination were very familiar and comforting- barns, cows, sprinklers, alfalfa hay. The smells, sounds…

hopeful plans

I've been considering AmeriCorps for some time now, and about mid semester my thoughts began to actualize. I researched their mission, their programs, their philosophy, and I feel like this is something I could do to better myself, and help someone or some place that is in need.

So, I spent hours and hours sorting through the hundreds of programs in the few states I want to apply to, and the final 10 list boiled down something like this:AmeriCorps*NCCC Winter 2008 The website says it all.11 months; 1/1/07 – 11/30/08Catskill Outdoor Education CorpsDelhi, NY
Members may perform the following activities: trail maintenance in wilderness and park settings, stone work, basic carpentry projects, outdoor education program design and development, teaching outdoor recreation and education programs involving topics from natural history subjects to flat water kayaking.11 months; 10/1/07 – 8/18/08Chesapeake Habitat*AmeriCorps Baltimore, Maryland
Members will participate in and lead volunteer…

Material Attractions

Tonight I was reading over an engaged friend's Facebook page, and posted up and down were comments congratulating her, and mentioning the desire to see her ring. Now, would someone please tell me what the fascination with wedding rings is about? Yes, the shine is flashy and eye catching, but isn't the real purpose of the ring to function as a symbol of fidelity?

"Please, let me see your planned, but unproven, fidelity marker!"
"Wow, the diamond is huge! Does that mean you plan to be more faithful than soandso (the person with the lesser gem)?"

I doubt that's what any of those people are thinking. Really, size doesn't matter. It's the commitment behind the bling that should be celebrated.

Bike separation? I'm not ready!

Last weekend I spent a great evening with my bicycle. I pedaled my way up to green canyon, and luckily, with the tires that came on my Kona Dew Deluxe 2006 I had enough traction and support to ride along the dirt road up to the trail head. I followed the hill-filled bike ride with an even, uphill hike, and by the time I walked down, and then rode home, my legs were fairly exhausted.

After a month of use, I feel like I'm really getting to know the ins and outs of this bike. Because I purchased new instead of used, the chain has stretched a bit and I'm hoping that the tune up I just took it in for will solve the gear jumping problems; they'll probably take out a link or two, and it *should* be good to go. The gear shifters are alright (Shimano rapidfire), although it sometimes takes more than one try to shift up or down. Ultimately, I really enjoy this bike- the gears are great for hills, the disc brakes make me feel safe while riding through traffic, and it handles pretty we…

Is Marriage the Cure?

New treatment for depression -- marriage

Researchers at Ohio State University claim that depressed people have more to gain from marriage than those who were happy to begin with, even thought the depressed people typically still have unhappier marriages. Is that really such a surprise? And does this qualify as exciting news?

Let's break it down... two happy people wed, and what happens? They stay happy! Surprise! Two depressed people wed, and what happens? They get happier because they have a supportive spouse. Surprise! Depressed people are still depressed, and if they rely on someone else for their happiness the outcome will probably result in an unhappy marriage... again, no surprise. What do I suggest? A swift kick in the rear... get your act together, cheer up, then fall in love. Sure, maybe you won't travel as far on the happiness scale as you would if you were depressed, but which you would prefer- a temporary rush of endorphins, or a long and successful marriage? Maybe I…

Deflated -> Elated

I spoke with our detective today, and it turns out our case has been solved. He couldn't give me the details, although he did confirm what I asked. He gave to me the number for the Victim's Advocate, and told me to contact her for information about the court proceedings.

Elated -> Deflated

"I knew it- last night I heard the neighbors dog barking at 3:30 am, and I got an uneasy feeling. I couldn't sleep, and last time I checked the clock it was 4:30. I was sure that the creepy man was back, but instead of calling the police like I wanted to, I convinced myself I was only paranoid, and needed to get over my fear.

I called the police dept tonight to see what the ruckus was about last night -- my neighbor said they were searching the yard with the k9 unit-- and yep, the prowler had been back. They received reports that a man was peeking in windows and trying to enter houses. They caught him in a neighbors home, standing over a young woman while she slept. I am so relieved.

By the way, it's almost laughable, but he's 14 years old. Just a fucked up 14 year old kid."

The above stated post is my week-old announcement to friends when I found out the police had caught the prowler. Unfortunately, that feeling of relief is fading. The police sent a statement to t…


After two weeks of consistent lack of sleep (average 3 -4 hours per night), I'm proud to say that I slept a solid 7.5 hours last night, and my dreams came back in full force. I woke up a couple times throughout the night, and so I was able to remember a few different dreams, or parts of different dream sequences.

A bit of background info... last night I was at Ms. B's new apartment, helping her unload some stuff, and when I finally left to ride my bike home I was more than ready for sleep. I came home, and crashed on my bed fully dressed (a sure sign of my exhaustion is if I fall to sleep with clothing on). I woke up when my roommate Ms. J had just arrived home from the bar, I set my alarm, and went back to sleep.
I dreamed that when I woke up this morning I was in Ms. B's bed, and we were both very, very confused how that happened. My mind was foggy in my dream, I couldn't think clearly, and we searched for evidence of my arrival.
We went into the living room, and sure e…