Book review: Separated by Duty, United in Love

Separated by Duty, United in Love - Written by Shellie Vandevoorder

A random find at Hastings book & movie store, this book is a guide for the spouses of men and women in the US military. The author outlines the predictable, usual problems that families face when a loved one is deployed, such as finances, loneliness, and even death. The information is practical, and throughout the book women give their opinions on day-to-day life without their loved one.

Honestly, I don't have that much to write about this book. Some of her advice is valuable, but I'm not married to someone in the armed forces. The main point I took from the book is that while missing a loved one is bad enough, dealing with children in the same situation is much worse. It takes a strong woman to support a military man. Her writing style was simple, and there is nothing more to find by reading it a second time through. Would I recommend it? Sure, if you're in a relationship in which one or both partners are in the military, especially if planning for deployment. However, I would not recommend this book to the common person such as myself.


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