Birth control availability

Kudos to Brazil for opening up to women's rights.

I am a strong support of the Planned Parenthood Federation here in the US- the program makes birth control a viable choice to many women who might otherwise be unable to afford this form of family planning. In addition to birth control, Planned Parenthood offers counseling to assist men and women in making the best choices for themselves and their future families, womens' yearly check-ups, pregnancy testing and std testing and treatment.

For your info- Planned Parenthood offers a sliding pay scale based on income, and most people I know pay on a donation only basis, meaning pay what you are able (whether that be the full amount ... near $100 for the entire medical checkup, tests, and a month of birth control... or only half, or none one month. Birth control pills run near $15 - $20 per month.)

So women, if you are reading, know there is somewhere to go if you are unable to visit a doctor at a general medical clinic, and men, know where to send the women in your lives if they need help. Everyone, take responsibility for your actions, and if you are currently sexually active please take the necessary steps to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases.


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