And in the beginning


I'm mandolin, and I'm a college student, young in age, with a passion for all things enjoyable. I work, play, and play some more. In addition to my regular full-time employment, a job at which I get paid to do whatever I want- read, play on the internet, homework, crochet, and even nap on occasion, I'm also the volunteer coordinator for a non-profit, fair trade gift shop. Currently, most of my spare time is spent at the store as we are revamping our whole system- new computers, new Point of Sales, new accounting program, administrative changes, volunteer training, etc.

What do I study at the university? I study whatever I want! This view, however, has proven a disadvantage- they've put a hold on my registration until I declare a major (3 years of study without a chosen path is frowned upon). I considered majoring in English, but I like the linguistic aspects, not literature so much. I pondered linguistics, but all they offer here is a minor. I'm nearly done with a minor in classics, emphasis in Latin, however I can't promote that to my full course of study, as all they offer is a minor as well. I've taken Spanish classes, but I don't care for it the way I do English and Latin. I'm a big supporter of health, specifically sexual health... and I've looked into the Health Education and Physical Recreation major, but not seriously enough.

My original plan after high school was to find an apparel design program to study through- I was accepted into VCU, and planned to attend, however after going to Richmond, VA and checking the school, I just didn't quite feel good about it, and so by default I went to the closest school to home and love it here. I've reconsidered my early ambitions, and I think costume design would be most appropriate if I attempted again to pursue some sort of design program; I have the skills (I can sew like a champ), but I just don't see fashion design as a particularly rewarding career.... unless I were the costume tech for a theatre company.

Because of my current exposure to the challenges that impoverished families face, I am now considering major in a social science (sociology, social work, or anthropology). I just don't know...

There's something inside of me shouting to reach out and actually help someone, and in order to figure out if a life dedicated to serving others is something I really want, I plan to submit an application for a few different Americorps programs and *hopefully* start a yearlong service commitment this fall. A few programs I'm looking into...
.... and a few youth literacy programs in Louisville as well. A break from school will be good for my grades, and my hope is that after a year of service I might have more direction in my life.

As you can see, I'm wandering through life right now without much purpose. Cheers to finding myself! It should be an adventure... and so this blog will be a collection of frustrations, confusions, and laughter while I stumble around looking for the unknown. Enjoy!


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