Spring is in the air

I love to see
green grass
prickly blossoms on towering trees
bicycles with baskets
and smiles on friends' faces.

I love to smell
herbs and salty spices
musk of dirt
and fresh-choppped hay.

I love to touch
warm skin
and high pile fabric

and I love to hear
delightful laughter.

The warm spring breeze always stirs my soul a bit, and dancing in the wind with hair in my eyes awakens my senses. I enjoy this time of year so much; I feel like I couldn't embrace life any stronger than I do now. I want to fly kites, make dandelion necklaces, swing on swings and slide downs slides. Let us have picnics with ants, and feel our toes in the grass. Hold my hand and skip with me while we hum our silly song!


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