Prowler / Break-In

Tonight / This morning was very interesting... and not in a good way.

I woke up in a jolt- my roommate Ms. A was shaking me and it was 3:30 AM. She said that someone had been in her room, and while asking questions I realized that this was something serious. I didn't take the time to hear the whole story, instead I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. When the dispatch picked up they asked what the location of my emergency was, and the story came out as I relayed messages.

Ms. A woke up to a sound, and when she sat up she saw what appeared to be someone crawling on her floor. She didn't know if she was dreaming, and she laughed at him- "What the fuck are you doing in my room?" She was in a daze, "Turn on the light! Who are you?" and the man responded. "Come over here," and she automatically said "no!" She would have gotten up to the turn on the light, but she was sleeping nude and that made things difficult. When she vocally opposed the man, he left her room, and ran out the back door. She put on her robe and came into my room to wake me. And now we're back to the start. She gave a basic description, only what she could make out through the moonlight coming in through the windows. He seemed a bit short and stocky, and his hair came down just past his ears. It looked like he was wearing a dark shirt and khaki shorts. She heard him speak, and his voice didn't sound old, but not really young.

We waited for the police to arrive, and it seemed to take so long. It was probably about 7 minutes from when I actually dialed 911 until they showed up, but it wasn't fast enough. The man was long gone once they arrived.

The first officer to arrive was very nice- he was calm, and kind, and understanding. Ms. A filled out her witness statement and he checked our house for us. He went through the basement, looked around outside, etc. Then, the sergeant arrived- and he's not so nice. We've dealt with the him before and it wasn't the best of experiences to say the least. He blamed our current situation on us, saying that because of a party we had in the past (which I should note, he came to bust that party but found nothing illegal, and repeatedly threatened to take people to jail for no given reason) it was our fault that we had a strange man inside our house. That's all he had to say- the rest of the time he just walked through the house, gave us dirty looks, and he finally left. Thank god. He really wasn't helping the situation at all.

We began to look around, and we didn't really see any signs that the man had left behind; the back door was cracked open because it didn't fully shut on the the man's way out, but that's all that appeared to be out of place. The officer told us that a detective would be coming to dust for fingerprints, and that's when I noticed it: A lotion bottle was sitting on the stove.

The layout of our house is strange- and the kitchen has a door which leads into Ms. A's room. SO, the lotion had really only been moved about 6 feet, and we all assume the reason it was moved was probably for the man's "personal use". He had dug through all of her dirty laundry, and her underwear were sitting atop the messy pile. He was clearly here for some sort of sexual reason, and I'm disgusted, and a bit freaked out.

The officer said they received a very similar call just a week ago, a block and a half from our home. The girl in that situation woke up to a man standing in her room watching her sleep, and then he ran. They used the dog that night to try and track his scent but the dog lost it after about 3 blocks. Tonight they brought a detective over; he took pictures, dusted for fingerprints, and they bagged the lotion bottle as evidence...

In all, it is a very weird situation. It was strange that our doors weren't locked because we're usually very cautious.... somehow we just didn't check the back door last night. It's weird that she didn't wake up until he'd already gone through her clothing (and possibly taken care of his business). It's weird that none of us heard anything. And we're lucky that the man wasn't violent- it would have been so easy for him to put any of us (especially Ms. A) under his control. Let this be a lesson to all of us- remember to lock your doors at night. We will be sure to double check our locks from now on.

The next day our neighbors told us they found our ladder had been moved from the backyard and was propped up against our bathroom window. We don't know how long he's been watching us....

We made the news...

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