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Prowler / Break-In

Tonight / This morning was very interesting... and not in a good way.

I woke up in a jolt- my roommate Ms. A was shaking me and it was 3:30 AM. She said that someone had been in her room, and while asking questions I realized that this was something serious. I didn't take the time to hear the whole story, instead I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. When the dispatch picked up they asked what the location of my emergency was, and the story came out as I relayed messages.

Ms. A woke up to a sound, and when she sat up she saw what appeared to be someone crawling on her floor. She didn't know if she was dreaming, and she laughed at him- "What the fuck are you doing in my room?" She was in a daze, "Turn on the light! Who are you?" and the man responded. "Come over here," and she automatically said "no!" She would have gotten up to the turn on the light, but she was sleeping nude and that made things difficult. When she vocally opposed the m…

Spring is in the air

I love to see
green grass
prickly blossoms on towering trees
bicycles with baskets
and smiles on friends' faces.

I love to smell
herbs and salty spices
musk of dirt
and fresh-choppped hay.

I love to touch
warm skin
and high pile fabric

and I love to hear
delightful laughter.

The warm spring breeze always stirs my soul a bit, and dancing in the wind with hair in my eyes awakens my senses. I enjoy this time of year so much; I feel like I couldn't embrace life any stronger than I do now. I want to fly kites, make dandelion necklaces, swing on swings and slide downs slides. Let us have picnics with ants, and feel our toes in the grass. Hold my hand and skip with me while we hum our silly song!

The Bus Ride

Yesterday when I got on the bus I happened to sit next to an old man, and this old man immediately started a conversation with me.

"What do you learn?"

What do I learn? I was confused by what he had asked so I clarified "Do you mean my course of study?" I always dread answering this question because it's so complicated, and so I told him that I'm studying Latin. It's the closest thing to a course of study that I have right now, and I am definitely learning in my classes.

"Latin?! What do they use Latin for? Who uses Latin?"

This is also a common response when people hear that I'm studying Latin. I'm regularly told that Latin is a dead language (which is absolutely not true), that it's a useless subject, etc. I disagree! Since beginning Latin my understanding of the English language has increased tenfold, and I'm inspired to learn other languages.

And so the old man and I both brainstormed as to who might use latin. "Teachers,&q…


My walls are bare. She told me I need to put up something to liven the room. There are two windows, in three sections, appearing as if barred. Curling vines drape one window. I do have a simple splash of green on the wall, and my handmade quilt is beautiful. There is a mirror above my whitewashed dresser, and candles burn dimly, warmly. A mess litters the floor, and I don't try to hide.

My walls are my walls, and I am my walls, and I have got nothing to hide. My room is who I am, and if bare and plain it is, so am I. But you are not looking deep enough if that is all you find.

I am bare. The only things people tell me to put up are my breasts. I loathe wearing a bra, and I enjoy being free. My walls are me, and I am my walls, and I've got nothing to hide. I'm plain old me, and I am calm, and serene. I am beautiful. I have two windows, and you can see right through me, and within the two windows to my soul you'll find a splash of color, green. And further down, if you loo…