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Nice Guys

I was browsing through the old letters to the editor in USU's newspaper, and this one I ran across hit a high note with me. I laughed and laughed.... I'll let you read and then explain a bit more afterwards.

"To the editor:

A recent column posed the question of why "nice guys" finish last and what sends women running into the arms of jerks. The column offered little insight and merely listed all the ways women don't appreciate these self-declared nice guys.

The truths in the column were that women don't like men who lack a spine or personality - doormats are for walking on - or men who smother them. However, none of the examples given are actually nice guys. The man who listens to hours of ranting against men, pines after her, and goes home to his own broken heart has no one to blame but himself. He complains that he was overlooked because women only want jerks. Here's a secret:only women with psychological problems seek out men who mistreat them. There…


I think violent video games are absolutely stupid.