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Spiritual Release

Thoughts meander through my brain, weaving in and out, changing directions, and connecting links until the chain becomes so long that I can no longer find where it begins. And then slowly, but purposefully, they tuck themselves away in storage for a later date.

My realization tonight was that of my spirituality; Ive questioned it for quite some time now, and over the past few years I thought I had none. I have passion- passion for life, friends, family, learning, love, etc, but spirituality seemed nonexistent.

Drum beats reverberate through my body. I begin to relax, my thoughts quiet, and hips sway in an overwhelming need to move. Somewhere deep inside my body I can feel a connection forming- a connection between myself and something deeper, but what that is I do not know. I wonder if it is a tie between me and earth, or perhaps it is my body thanking me for finally answering its calls for freedom. There are no real restrictions I place upon myself during this time, just guidelines I k…