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The sun,Her warm arms persistent even in the waking hours,Drying away any morning dew,Will soon be beating ferociouslyUpon our backs.

Early you rise, only if delicate sleep, the sweetLuxury that you cannot always affordSwept over you the night before.I too wake, with you allowing me moreRest than you should. GuiltIs upon me. You work exceptionally hardDuring the long summer days-weeks-months.Never ending.

My Father.Daddy to me, Husband to my mother, Son of my Grandfather.Neighbor, Friend, Brother.Michael, a name of Hebrew originMeaning like God, and also beingThe patron saint of soldiers, is my own protector.My teacher.My father.

Upon arrival at the first field of my day- I am unable to decipherWhere your days end or start, they runTogether like the bleeding pigments in a caseOf watercolors- I slipMy dry, white sock clad feet into stiff, coldRubber boots still wet from previous use. You grasp your shovel; I mimic you. To learnI watch you. Together,The ditch bank our home for the day, we …