Off The Map

I found a book on Janet's bookshelf. The bright yellow cover and stark black/white artwork caught my eye, and I began reading with no idea what the book contained.

Off The Map.

This book is now one of my favorites. I'd recommend it to all of my friends, but I'm not sure that all of my friends could identify with the story of the two young women who buy one-way tickets to Europe in a search to find the ideal life. So, for now, I am merely telling you about a short book that leaves me feeling refreshed, excited, happy and calm.

I've decided to make this book my own (I've already replaced the unopened book I found a couple weeks ago) and in the margins I write my own ideas, values, dreams, etc. I'm on my own quest to find what I want out of life, and in the process I will explore avenues previously unseen or dismissed. I love what I have now, and the future is an adventure.


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