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Oh I go walkin'...

...after midnight, out in the starlight just like we used to do.

If you can name that musician I owe you one huge high five. And if you like that artist, or grew up liking that artist, or even grew up listening to that artists, I owe you a beer with that high-five.

Anyway, the other day I was walking home from campus when I stumbled upon (or rather, spotted from 2 blocks away) a young man and woman locked in sweet embrace. This embrace included smushy, slobbery, drippy lips smashed up against each other, breasts to chest, hips to hips, and hands rubbing each others' bodies. Well, 2 bocks after I first spotted the couple I reached the most public display of affection. The excitedness seemed not to have worn off, they were going full-bore for each others' tonsils, and I think they may not have noticed that they were standing right in front of the playground at the elementary school.

I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the children: "Eww! They're kissing!…

Spiritual Release

Thoughts meander through my brain, weaving in and out, changing directions, and connecting links until the chain becomes so long that I can no longer find where it begins. And then slowly, but purposefully, they tuck themselves away in storage for a later date.

My realization tonight was that of my spirituality; Ive questioned it for quite some time now, and over the past few years I thought I had none. I have passion- passion for life, friends, family, learning, love, etc, but spirituality seemed nonexistent.

Drum beats reverberate through my body. I begin to relax, my thoughts quiet, and hips sway in an overwhelming need to move. Somewhere deep inside my body I can feel a connection forming- a connection between myself and something deeper, but what that is I do not know. I wonder if it is a tie between me and earth, or perhaps it is my body thanking me for finally answering its calls for freedom. There are no real restrictions I place upon myself during this time, just guidelines I k…


The sun,Her warm arms persistent even in the waking hours,Drying away any morning dew,Will soon be beating ferociouslyUpon our backs.

Early you rise, only if delicate sleep, the sweetLuxury that you cannot always affordSwept over you the night before.I too wake, with you allowing me moreRest than you should. GuiltIs upon me. You work exceptionally hardDuring the long summer days-weeks-months.Never ending.

My Father.Daddy to me, Husband to my mother, Son of my Grandfather.Neighbor, Friend, Brother.Michael, a name of Hebrew originMeaning like God, and also beingThe patron saint of soldiers, is my own protector.My teacher.My father.

Upon arrival at the first field of my day- I am unable to decipherWhere your days end or start, they runTogether like the bleeding pigments in a caseOf watercolors- I slipMy dry, white sock clad feet into stiff, coldRubber boots still wet from previous use. You grasp your shovel; I mimic you. To learnI watch you. Together,The ditch bank our home for the day, we …

Off The Map

I found a book on Janet's bookshelf. The bright yellow cover and stark black/white artwork caught my eye, and I began reading with no idea what the book contained.Off The Map.This book is now one of my favorites. I'd recommend it to all of my friends, but I'm not sure that all of my friends could identify with the story of the two young women who buy one-way tickets to Europe in a search to find the ideal life. So, for now, I am merely telling you about a short book that leaves me feeling refreshed, excited, happy and calm.

I've decided to make this book my own (I've already replaced the unopened book I found a couple weeks ago) and in the margins I write my own ideas, values, dreams, etc. I'm on my own quest to find what I want out of life, and in the process I will explore avenues previously unseen or dismissed. I love what I have now, and the future is an adventure.