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Vintage Sewing: Advance 9245, Infant Pinafore

Truth: I sewed and/or started these dresses back in 2015, but had cut out 3 and one remained unfinished, until last weekend. I started the Strawberry dress first, then cut out two floral dresses and left one unfinished until now. The other was finished, and gifted to a friend in 2015.

Typical me, the only thing this last one needed for the past ~3 years were buttonholes and buttons, but I have an avowed hatred for hand sewing. I'm trying, and failing miserably, to get over it. I often try to get around hand sewing by using set-in snaps or zippers instead... or just never finishing the projects that require it. 
Last weekend when I sought to set lovely vintage, western-style pearl snaps in the shoulders of the tiny dress, I found the prongs were corroded and snapped right off. I was very sad, as I have ~4 cards and realize now that I won't be able to use any of them. Being unable to set them also meant I needed to change the set-up of my Bernina* rather quickly because I was d…

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